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Manufacturing Business Excellence's Publications

The range of publications available from Manufacturing Business Excellence, MBE, is steadily increasing, now numbering 15. Fourteen of these are traditional printed publications, but one, the 9th, is our first ‘digital’ publication, a PowerPoint Slide Show of the Basic Logic of Material Requirements Planning, MRP.

A brief description of each item is provided below :


1. Manufacturing Resource Planning, MRPII, Pocket Guide, by Robin Goodfellow.

Our first, and most popular, publication – more than 8000 copies sold.

A pocket sized booklet about MRPII, covering the elements that make up MRPII, the manufacturing planning and control system, that evolved from Material Requirements Planning, MRP, during the 1970’s. The principles of MRPII are still valid for any manufacturing business today.


2. Sales & Operations Planning, S&OP, Pocket Guide, by Robin Goodfellow.

A pocket sized booklet about S&OP, covering an introduction to the concepts of S&OP, and a description of a methodology for a successful implementation. A number of companies have order this book customised for their own S&OP implementation.

This is a partner to the more complete book about S&OP by Tom Wallace (6).


3.The Quality 75, Towards Six Sigma Performance in Service and Manufacturing, by John Bicheno.

This first appeared as the Quality 50, then as the Quality 60, and this newest version has another 15 concepts added. It covers 75 concepts broadly associated with Total Quality, revolving around the Plan, Do, Check, Act loop. It is indispensable for anyone working with Quality.


4. The New Lean Toolbox, by John Bicheno.

This is the third edition of this book, which has sold many thousands of copies world-wide. As the title says, it is a toolbox of the very many aspects of ‘lean’. It includes an introduction by Dan Jones of Cardiff Business School’s Lean Enterprise Research Centre.


5. Sales & Operations Planning, The How-To Handbook, by Tom Wallace. 

In the past there has really only been one book on this subject, which was rather theoretical, and gave little guidance on implementation. This new book, published in 1999, aimed to put that right. About 1/3 of the book covers the concepts of and justification for S&OP, and the balance describes an implementation methodology. The content and structure of Robin’s booklet is very similar, with Tom’s permission, but this book covers much more detail.


6. Planning & Control of Engineer to Order (ETO) Manufacturing, by Ian Henderson.

Ian is a colleague of Robin’s, and a partner of the Manufacturing & Logistics Group, MLG. He has worked in many make to order and engineer to order situations in many companies, and has put on paper some of his advice to these organisations to enable them to improve their business performance through their manufacturing planning and control systems.


7. Sales Forecasting, A New Approach, by Tom Wallace and Robert Stahl.

Another new book, published in 2002. It is not a book about forecasting algorithms, but about the more practical aspects of how companies can improve their success with forecasting. It is about why and how to emphasise teamwork, not formulae; forecast less not more; focus on process improvement, not forecast accuracy.


8. Material Requirements Planning, MRP, The Basic Logic, A PowerPoint Slide Show, by Robin Goodfellow.

This is our first ‘digital’ offering. Robin has successfully used this presentation within courses on both MRP and MRPII for many years, The presentation has been tidied up, and a full script is provided in the form of notes. By purchasing this you can understand MRP, and educate your people on the logic of MRP. You need to have Microsoft PowerPoint 97, or later.


9. Master Scheduling in the 21st Century, by Tom Wallace and Robert Stahl.

This book accomplishes two important tasks. First, it presents the fundamentals of Master Scheduling in a clear, concise, and complete manner. It’s simple and easy to understand. Second, it explains the relationship between Master Scheduling and Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, and Efficient Consumer Response. It is contemporary and up to date.


10. Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning, by George E. Palmatie with Colleen Crum

This book illustrates how sales & operations planning can improve operational performance, including on-time deliveries, inventory control, quality and profits. It explains how people and processes, not technology, ensure success. It provides keen insights into ensuring that demand, supply, and resources are synchronised to achieve superior profits and competitive advantages.


11. Demand Management Best Practices by Colleen Crum with George E. Palmatier

This book demonstrates how an effective demand management process contributes to sales revenue growth, lower inventories, and increased profit margins. It presents the fundamentals for developing more reliable forecasts and schedules, and shows how to build the successful relationships and skills needed for collaborative planning and forecasting.


12. Sales & Operations Checklist by Thomas F. Wallace & Robert A. Stahl

This is a self-audit workbook, containing checklists for Executive S&OP, Sales Forecasting, and Master Scheduling. It includes a CD-ROM, with files for each of the 3 checklists in Excel. The book should enable you to assess your current processes, gain consensus on the most important areas for improvement, and manage the improvement tasks effectively.


13. Sales & Operations Planning, by Thomas F. Wallace & Robert A. Stahl

The mission of this book is to tell the busy executive what he or she needs to know about Executive S&OP. Written in clear, understandable language, this book can easily be read in the course of an evening – or on a plane ride of a few hours. It answers these, and many other questions: why is Executive S&OP so popular? What are the benefits of doing it well? How does it work? What’s the role of the boss and his or her staff? What kinds of companies are using Executive S&OP? What’s the best way to start?


14. ERP from the Front Line, by Ian Henderson

A guide to the real-life trials and tribulations of companies facing the adoption of packages such as SAP, JDE ‘One World’, MFG/PRO etc.

Presented in the form of a novel tracing the implementation of the (fictional) SCX package within the (fictional) IME Corporation.


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