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"We still have not persuaded every employer of the importance of skills.  A third still do not train their staff.  In other organisations training does not involve everyone.  The employers who do not train run real risks with their businesses.  We need to find new ways to bring the drive for skills into every workplace and to every worker, which is why we are consulting on a new right for workers to request time to train, which could benefit some 300,000 workers.”

David Lammy MP, Skills Minister, UK Government.

Why do we need education and business training?

What is our specialism?

(Executive) Sales & Operations Planning, S&OP


•          It can achieve benefits in a short time

•          S&OP can help you consistently achieve your business objectives

•          It is a simple process

•          S&OP does not need a full ERP system to be in place

•          It does not involve substantial expenditure

•          All businesses should have a medium term plan, developed with S&OP

•          We have helped a number of companies with their S&OP process


For more information on how we can help, visit our S&OP page.


What else do we do?


•          MBE can help you achieve benefits from your ERP/Supply Chain systems

•          MBE offers a wide range of publications, payment accepted by credit/debit card

•          MBE can support you in the achievement of professional qualifications

Who are we?

MBE Manufacturing Business Excellence

We have been successfully trading for over 25 years


We aim to make your business excellent.

Be profitable, providing a good return on assets employed.

Delight all of the customers all of the time.

Develop its people to deliver the first two consistently.


World class companies do all three. We aim to help companies work towards all three, via a programme of education and workshops that could span from 1 day to 2 to 3 years.


There are 3 essential building blocks required:


A.  A good manufacturing planning and control system. This will encompass the principles of MRP, Material Requirements Planning, and MRPII, Manufacturing Resource Planning, implemented probably in an ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning system. In today’s world the system must span the value adding chain, from supplier, through the manufacturer, the value adder, through the distribution channels, however simple or complex, to the customer. This is Supply Chain Management. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link. All the links in the chain, from process to process, from company to company, must be strong and unbroken. Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS, may have a role, as well as other advanced techniques.

B.  An understanding of the principle of value adding. Where is value added? What value does the customer buy? What is not value adding? These Non Value Adding, NVA, activities represent waste, and must be eliminated. This makes the value stream flow faster, reducing lead times, reducing inventory, and improving quality. These principles are embodied in the concepts of Just in Time, JIT, and Lean Manufacturing, leading to the Lean Enterprise. There are many problem-solving techniques in the toolbox to help identify and eliminate waste.

C.  A different way of managing people. The company culture must change. Everyone must be empowered. Companies have made massive leaps forward by making these changes.


MBE aims to train and educate people, from top to bottom of companies, in all 3 of the above, and to support companies making the massive change that is required. We can provide whatever you need, from a number of 1 day specific courses and workshops to tailored programmes that cover a much longer duration. These programmes can lead to formal qualifications from the Institute of Operations Management, IOM, and/or the American Production & Inventory Control Society, APICS, the USA organisation for Operations Management.


MBE’s education programme has evolved over many years. The programme spans Manufacturing Planning and Control systems (MP&C), Manufacturing Resource Planning, MRPII, Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, Supply Chain Management, SCM, Just in Time, JIT, Lean Manufacturing, and more. We have a policy of continuous improvement, so courses are updated and improved on a regular basis.


We developed a booklet on MRPII, which is a handy A6 Pocket Guide, which everyone working in a manufacturing environment ought to read. We have sold about 8000 copies, and the 2nd edition has almost sold out. There is a second, very successful, booklet on Sales & Operations Planning. For more information on the range of books available: CLICK HERE


We also stock other books and booklets on Just in Time, the Quality 75, the Lean Toolbox, S&OP, MPS, Forecasting and more.


MBE has developed a factory simulation exercise, which may be run independently or may be run as an integral part of any course. The idea is to first simulate how industry has manufactured products in the past – in batches, with a job shop layout, with poor communications, with individual incentive schemes, often with unacceptable results in terms of delivery and quality. We make a real product using well-known plastic building bricks. We try to simulate the real world. We then start to introduce the ideas of Just in Time and Lean Manufacturing – kanbans, smaller batch sizes, better layout, and more. We show that significantly better delivery and quality performance may be achieved just by doing a few things differently, and we sow the seeds of how this might be turned into practice in your company. There is also the well-known Supply Chain Simulation, often referred to as The Beer Game. We can run this simulation as part of any course, to start to expose the issues that need to be addressed to achieve a successful Supply Chain.


We are involved with the Institute of Operations Management, IOM. Robin Goodfellow has lectured on some of their public and in-house courses. He has been a member of the Qualifications and Awards, Q&A, committee for a number of years, and is now a member of the QDAC committee. He has been a member of the Council and Management Committee, and was a member of the IOM Steering Committee. The QDAC committee is responsible for the various professional qualifications that the IOM offers – currently the Certificate, the Diploma, and the Advanced Diploma in Operations Management, COM, DOM, and ADOM respectively. Robin is actively involved in helping to update and modernise these qualifications. Robin is a Fellow of the IOM.


Manufacturing Business Excellence, MBE


MBE has been trading successfully for more than 25 years.


Our primary goal is to help (manufacturing) companies achieve excellence. It is your people that deliver success or failure. They must have the right tools and knowledge to consistently deliver success. MBE aims to provide that knowledge.


One of the hottest topics at present is Sales & Operations Planning. This has been around for many years, as part of MRPII and ERP, but only in the past few years have many companies adopted it and realised the benefits. MBE has provided education, training, workshops and consultancy on S&OP to a growing number of companies. It has been our number one activity. We published a booklet on S&OP and have printed a second edition. Robin Goodfellow attended the S&OP Best of the Best Conference in Chicago, attended by over 300 people interested in S&OP. So, if you are interested in starting or improving your S&OP process, or you need to learn more, then please send us an email, or give us a call.


We have also participated in another education programme run by the American Production and Inventory Control Society, APICS, leading to the qualification of the Certificate in Production and Inventory Management, CPIM. This qualification is recognised by many companies around the world as a major indication of knowledge and experience in the area of Operations Management. Many companies have put some of their employees through this program to give them a truly international qualification. Robin is qualified to the Fellow level, CFPIM. APICS has introduced a new qualification, the Certified Supply Chain Professional, CSCP. We support people going for this qualification. Robin is an approved APICS Associate Instructor for CPIM and the Principles of Supply Chain Management.


MBE aims to provide consultancy and education to companies striving to be excellent in all that they do. During more than 25 years of operation we have provided both education and consultancy to a wide range of organisations, from the small to the very large. We feel that our client list is quite impressive, and would hope that you might like to join them.


We are one of the founder members of MLG Management Consultants. This is an association of like-minded consultants, all of whom have similar objectives to ourselves. Within the group there is a wide range of experience spanning many years of working in a multitude of manufacturing and consultancy environments. We call upon these resources whenever necessary. We have a network of further associates with whom we share work, as and when necessary.


For further information you can e-mail us on or call us today on

                                                 01249 89 25 26


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There are 3 major objectives for a business to achieve, in no particular sequence:

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What do we do?

MBE offers education and business training on:

  • Systems in general

  • Manufacturing systems in particular

  • MRP, MRPII, ERP, Supply Chain, Lean, and more

  • At the summary level, and in detail


MBE provides consultancy and advice on the above.

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