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We aim to make attendance enjoyable and memorable. We recognise that different people have differing learning styles, so we try and utilise as much multi-media as possible. We plan to keep participants active to enhance their learning potential.


Courses generally last between 1 and 5 days.  Some are shorter, when only a brief introduction is required, others may be longer, making up a programme of five 3 day courses, spread over 1 to 2 years, for example, or twenty-four 1 day courses, again spread over 1 to 2 years.


Some courses have led to a recognised qualification, such as the Certificate or Diploma in Operations Management from the Institute of Operations Management, IOM, or the Certificate in Production & Inventory Management from the Association for Supply Chain Management, ASCM. We have worked with a number of training centres.


Our clients range from very small businesses to very large companies. Many have been manufacturing companies, but probably no more than 60-70%. They have included selling organisations, distribution companies, repair and maintenance (remanufacturing) companies, and more. The manufacturing companies have been from a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, industrial machines, aerospace, bearings, process industries, food companies and more. The best practices and principles that we aim to get across can be applied to many and varied environments.


They have been mainly UK based but courses have been delivered in far flung corners of the globe, such as Mobile, USA, Shanghai, China, Dubai, UAE, and Basle, Switzerland. Some have been delivered on behalf of other professional organisations.


Many of the course evaluations that we conduct at course end have given us a rating greater than 90%.


Course / workshop portfolio

MBE offers a range of courses and workshops to help you develop the skills and knowledge of your people, to assist your company maintaining its competitive edge.


A critical shortage of talent


Jackie Orme, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development:


“So, at the moment, the killer issues facing us include a critical shortage of talent. Getting this right is essential if we’re going to raise UK productivity. The modern reality is a UK economy competing with more global competitors than ever before. Talent is the only way we’ll be winners in today’s world.”


The portfolio may be divided into those offering ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills.


The ‘hard’ skills cover the more professional, technical skills that relate largely to various aspects of enterprise systems that you use to help you run the business. The ‘soft’ skills relate more to general people development.


Professional, technical, hard skill courses and workshops


Supply Chain Management


•    An introduction to supply chain management

•    Planning & scheduling across the supply chain

•    Further aspects of supply chain management

•    ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning

•    Business principles and ERP basics

•    The mechanics of ERP systems

•    Further aspects of ERP systems


Elements of ERP and Supply Chain


•    Master Planning

•    (Executive) Sales & Operations Planning, S&OP

•    Demand Planning & Demand Management

•    Master Production Scheduling, MPS

•    Material Requirements Planning, MRP

•    Capacity Requirements Planning, CRP

•    Inventory control & inventory management

•    Shop floor control

•    Effective purchasing




•    5 steps

•    An introduction to the Lean enterprise

•    Business Process Improvement


Soft skills


•    Project management

•    Influencing the client relationship

•    Influencing skills

•    Managing key accounts

•    Project management


Software products have included BAMCS (Burroughs, Unisys), mTMS(BEC, Unisys), and Fourth Shift.


We have worked with other products, such as Baan, SAP and more.


Click on one of the links below to sample a workshop / course outline:


Supply Chain Management


Sales and Operations Planning


Demand Planning and Demand Management




Education and Training Courses

MBE has been running education and training courses and workshops for more than 25 years.

For business education and training call:

01249 89 25 26

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